About Me

Welcome at Dutch FIRE Journey! On this page I will tell you my background story and why I started this blog about my journey to financial independence and early retirement.

First of all, my name is Dave, and i’m 27 years old. I live near Utrecht in the Netherlands. I live on my own together with my beautiful girlfriend and we are living a regular life just like most people in the Netherlands. I have a fulltime job and my girlfriend is still at school. We both have our hobbies and in the weekends we like to go out and meet with friends and do fun stuff.

I work as a online marketer at a well known fashion store in the Netherlands. I like this job really much and over the years I’m developing my marketing skills pretty well. So…..

Why blog about financial independence and early retirement?

Well, the last couple of years I keep thinking about how life goes… When you are young you have all the time to do things, but no money. When you are in your thirties and fourties you could have the money, but you don’t have time because you’re working. Then you retire and you have all the time and if you did well you also have money… but then you don’t have the energy to do fun stuff. So that’s why I started to be interested more and more in financial freedom and trying to find ways to retire early. 

I want to have the time and freedom to do the things I want and love, now I have the energy to do it. I want to do the things that really matters to me. I don’t want to wake up everyday, get stuck in the traffic jam and work from 9 to 5. That’s not what is gonna make me happy. So why did I started this blog?

I want to take you on my journey to financial independence and retire early (FIRE). By starting a blog I want to inspire other people to also think about financial freedom and early retirement and take action. There are a lot of blogs about FIRE, but a lot of bloggers are from the USA and a lot of bloggers are already far ahead in their journey to FIRE and are in the age group of 35-55 years old. My blog is different in that way, that I just started my journey to FIRE this year (2018) and I’m still 27 years old.

Another reason to start this blog is to make myself accountable to all of you if I fail in my mission to FIRE. I want to be as transparant as possible and share all my goals. I will also do monthly reports on how my journey is going. I hope you guys will enjoy it!