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My personal goals for 2019

My Personal Goals For 2019

2018 is almost over and so we are about to start a new year again. 2019 will be the first full year in which my Dutch FIRE Journey will continue. To start the year well, I have set a number of goals for myself that I want to achieve in 2019. I do this according to the Work, Rest & Play method. In my last blog I explained to you how you can set your goals. In this blog I will share my own personal goals.

How to Set Goals for 2019?

How to Set Goals for 2019 (3 EASY STEPS!)

We are at the end of the year and 2019 is getting closer. This is the perfect moment to think about setting goals. So today I want to talk about how to set goals for 2019. Setting goals at the end of the year may seem to be an easy task because all you need to do is sit down and think something up. This is the most common mistake we tend to make in goal setting. In this blog I will share the method that I use to set goals.